Career Consulting for Lawyers in Professional Transition

Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides expert consultations to dissatisfied lawyers who wish to advance themselves in their current job, seek a new position in law, or leave the practice of law to develop a new career.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you resolve the major professional and personal issues confronting you as a lawyer:

  • Pursue your ambitions and increase your job satisfaction: As a lawyer, are you satisfied with your work – and with your life? Law practice can be highly engaging and stimulating. Many lawyers are proud of their accomplishments and wish to develop themselves professionally. Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you remove obstacles to your professional development and increase your productivity.
  • Confront your frustrations and disappointments: Law practice is deeply frustrating for many lawyers. Among professional groups, lawyers are among the most unhappy (second only to secretaries). Discontent among lawyers is pervasive, crossing geographic and gender lines, all practice areas and age groups. Many lawyers believe they are unhappy because they are unsuited to law practice and doubt they can be satisfied anywhere in the field. If you are unhappy in your law practice, Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you identify the source of your unhappiness and decide if a different niche or practice area in law could make you happy.
  • Decide what you want: Many lawyers are deeply conflicted regarding their professional direction. Some decide to change the way they practice law, or change the setting in which they practice. Others continue to practice law while preparing to use their legal skills in a non-legal job. Many lawyers express interest in changing their careers, despite the risk of loss in income and status; eventually, a majority of lawyers departs the field of law altogether. Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you clarify and confirm your professional goals, at any stage in your career.
  • Resolve your ambivalence: Lawyer Career Consulting DC helps lawyers make thoughtful, realistic and bold decisions regarding their legal career: to overcome obstacles to their professional development within law, either in their current practice setting or in a different one; to use their legal skills and experience outside law; or to change their careers.
  • Address personal issues: Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you identify and resolve issues in your personal life that interfere with your productivity, advancement, and satisfaction as a lawyer.
  • Achieve your goals: Once you set a professional goal, Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you achieve that goal through personal coaching, practical advice, accountability systems, and skillful cognitive and emotional support.
. . . [W]hile we think we are simply driving to work every morning to earn a living, the soul knows it is secretly engaged in a life-or-death struggle for its existence.”