Counseling Lawyers to Sustain Love and Family Life

Lawyer Career Consulting DC helps lawyers find a partner, build a family, sustain a marriage, enjoy better sex, and strengthen relationships with their children.

Drawing on 18 years of experience providing psychotherapy for lawyers, and with extensive clinical training and experience, Lawyer Career Consulting DC helps lawyers build and sustain meaningful personal relationships:

  • Find a Partner: Many lawyers are too busy to make the effort needed to find a spouse or partner.
    • Many single lawyers are emotionally depleted and lonely, lacking the personal emotional support that comes from having a loving partner.
    • Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you manage the demands of your profession so that you can also have a meaningful personal life, including a spouse or lover.
  • Pay Attention to Your Marriage: Lawyers who have a life partner often have difficulty sustaining the relationship.
    • Lawyers struggle with issues of communication, intimacy and control.
    • Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you (and your partner) develop the skills you need to sustain and improve your marriage or other romantic partnership.
  • Slow Down for Better Sex: Many lawyers are too busy and stressed to have a meaningful sexual relationship, even with a life partner.
    • Sexually deprived lawyers feel resentful, angry, and distressed.
    • In a confidential professional setting, Lawyer Career Consulting DCcan help you improve your capacity for sexual intimacy, and address personal issues that may interfere with sexual performance and satisfaction.
    • As a busy lawyer, there may be no other place in your life where you can address sensitive issues of this nature with confidence and safety.
  • Take Time for Kids: Many lawyers shortchange their families, especially their children, because of the demands of their professional life.
    • Lawyers may displace frustration from their legal work onto their families, causing injury to family members and family relationships.
  • Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you build the emotional skills, and allocate the time you need, to sustain a healthy family life.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC helps lawyers manage intimate relationships outside work.

“If lawyers can represent difficult clients, they can manage personal relationships.”