Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides expert advice to lawyers seeking to advance their legal careers by improving efficiency, overcoming emotional obstacles, and renewing their commitment to practice law at their highest level of competence. 

Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you if you:

  • Seek professional development;
  • Face obstacles to your professional success.
  • Compete or struggle with peers, subordinates or supervisors.
  • Resent your law practice.
  • Suffer from onerous billable hour requirements.
  • Feel stressed and exhausted.
  • Underperform at work.
  • Sacrifice personal life for work.
  • Work inefficiently.
  • Fear losing your job.
  • Struggle with impulses toquit your job.
  • Feel a lack of direction in your professional goals.
  • Wish to advance, prolong or end your legal career.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you to:

  • Refine and achieve your professional development goals.
  • Get "unstuck" from unhelpful work and behavioral patterns.
  • Contend with conflict, competition and difficult personalities at work.
  • Manage time and reduce stress.
  • Set aside time for personal interests, family and friends.
  • Understand why you are unhappy.
  • Reassess your interests, skills and values.
  • Identify a law practice area or setting more appropriate for you.
  • Clarify if you are suited to practice law.
  • Resist impulses to quit your job without an alternative.
  • Enhance your job security.
  • Take strategic action to change, advance or end your law practice.
“If the source of your unhappiness is at work, you have to change how you do your work, or change the work that you do.”

“Unhappy lawyers must decide whether to improve their productivity, change their practice focus, or change their careers.”