Psychotherapy for Individual Lawyers

Lawyer Career Consulting DC counsels individual lawyers suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addictive behaviors, and distressed relationships.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC works with individual lawyers who are successful and satisfied at work (and also those who are not), and who feel:

  • anxious or depressed for no apparent reason;
  • distressed at inconvenient times (for example, when appearing in public);
  • dissatisfied in their personal life; and
  • estranged from colleagues, friends, a spouse, partner or family.

As a lawyer, you may:

  • skillfully represent others, but overlook the need to advocate for yourself;
  • neglect your personal needs – at a significant cost to yourself;
  • suffer heightenedstress, exhaustion, andunhappiness, causing:
    • depression;
    • anxiety;
    • disruption in your relationships with others;
    • specific symptoms (such as insomnia);
    • abuse of substances (such as alcohol);
    • workaholic behavior; and
    • serious illness.

Using clinical licensure and extensive psychological training, Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides psychotherapy services to individual lawyers to address the full range of personal and emotional issues.

“Overcoming pride, many good counselors need a personal counselor of their own.”