Psychotherapy Services for Lawyers

Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides counseling services for anxious or depressed individuals; couples in distress; and lawyers undergoing trauma of divorce.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides psychotherapy services to lawyers who are:

  • "Burned out" from overwhelming work schedules and stress;
  • Depressed, anxious and fearful;
  • Lonely;
  • Sleep-deprived;
  • Abusing food, alcohol, drugs or other substances;
  • Suffering marital distress;
  • Undergoing a divorce; or
  • Fearing they will be unhappy until they retire, and beyond. 

Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you:

  • Set better limits on the demands of your law practice.
  • Reconstruct your personal life "outside the law."
  • Alleviate your depression and anxiety, even if unrelated to work.
  • Help you get sufficient sleep.
  • Improve your personal relationships.
  • Manage a divorce or other personal loss.
  • Manage your use of food, alcohol, and other substances, as well as other addictive behaviors.
  • Improve your professional and personal life.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides lawyers with psychotherapy services:

  • In the Care of another Professional: Even if you are usually emotionally disciplined and reserved, you may benefit from sharing your thoughts and feelings with a skilled professional.
  • In Confidence: It feels safer to speak personally with someone committed to principles of confidentiality and client privilege, rather than more informally to a friend or spouse.
  • With Objectivity: Friends and family have opinions, judgments, and a personal stake in your life, which can make it more difficult for them to respond to you objectively and empathically. ?

Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides emotional and practical support to lawyers facing personal, professional and relational challenges, and undergoing major transitions in their lives.

“Life is Difficult.”