Consulting for Lawyers to Change Their Careers

Lawyer Career Consulting DC provides expert guidance to lawyers who are fundamentally dissatisfied with their careers in law and wish to find a new career.

Are you stuck in the wrong career?

LawyerCareer Consulting DC works with unhappy lawyers who must acknowledge they are in the wrong career andcannot continue to practice law:

  • "I’m disappointed, because I don’t find law practice as interesting as I had hoped."
  • "Every day, I hate going to work."
  • "I can’t get out of bed to go to work, but at other times I have lots of energy."
  • "I have insomnia every Sunday night."
  • "Sometimes stress starts building up on Saturday, or even Friday night."
  • " I get a pit in my stomach, and sometimes headaches, when I think about my work,"
  • "I’m not interested in law. I don’t want to read or think about it."
  • "I read e-mails, check the news, and surf the Internet to avoid doing my work."
  • "Legal work is like pushing a rock up a mountain. It takes enormous effort."
  • "I have fantasies about opening up a restaurant or a B&B, or even driving a bus."
  • "None of my friends is a lawyer."
  • "When someone asks me what I ‘do,’ I try to change the subject."
  • "If I didn’t need the income, I’d quit tomorrow."
  • "My work seems meaningless and pointless."
  • "I see no connection between the work that I do, and helping people."
  • "Law practice is boring – and stressful -- at the same time."
  • "I have fantasies of just walking out. Someday, I’m afraid I will."
  • "I don’t talk to anyone at the office. I keep the door closed at all times."
  • "I often realize, ‘This is not who I really am!’"
  • "I hate my job."

Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you to:

  • confront the uncomfortable but inescapable reality that you may be "stuck in the wrong career";
  • overcome your fear and doubts about leaving law;
  • identify a new career better suited to you; and
  • take practical steps to pursue it.
In the middle of the road of my life
I awoke in a dark wood
Where the true way was wholly lost.