No Reminder Call: Once you have scheduled an appointment, Lawyer Career Consulting DC will not call you to remind you of your appointment date and time. It will be your responsibility to enter the appointment time on your schedule, and to keep track of it. If you forget your date and time, however, feel free to send an email request for a reminder or confirmation.

Exclusive Appointment Times: Unlike private practice in law, appointment times for Lawyer Career Consulting DC are set aside for an individual client alone. If you set an appointment, this time is set aside just for you and cannot be used for other billable purposes.

Billing for Missed Appointment: If you miss a scheduled appointment time, Lawyer Career Consulting DC will bill you for your scheduled appointment, unless you make alternative arrangements in advance. It is too complicated to make exceptions to this rule for certain circumstances. This policy applies for both initial and follow-up appointments.

One Week’s Notice to Reschedule: Call at least one week prior to a scheduled appointment time if, for any reason, you cannot keep the appointment or wish to change it.

Good Faith Effort in Two Business Days: As a lawyer, it will sometimes be impractical for you to give one week’s notice of cancellation. Personal and life emergencies may also occur. Up to two business days prior to a scheduled appointment, Lawyer Career Consulting DC will make a good faith effort to find another client to take your scheduled time, once your cancellation request is made. However, there is no guarantee this effort to schedule another client in your time will be successful. If no other client can use your time, you will be billed for it. Lawyer Career Consulting DC does not distinguish between professional and personal emergencies in applying this cancellation policy.

Payment at End of SessionLawyer Career Consulting DC bills for services at the end of each session. Payment is expected at time of service. Payment is by check or in cash. Please bring a check with you to each appointment. Payments cannot be accommodated by credit card.