Helping Lawyers Manage Stress from Excessive Work Demands

Lawyer Career Consulting DC helps overburdened lawyers manage the stress, anxiety, depression and "burn-out" from competing client demands and prolonged periods of unrelenting time pressure.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you assess and mitigate "burn-out," a major occupational hazard in law practice. Lawyers suffering "burn-out" frequently report:

  • "I like being a lawyer, but I’m exhausted and overwhelmed."
  • "I resent my colleagues, clients, family and friends."
  • "I feel enormous resistance to going into work, or working late."
  • "I am too fearful and overburdened to get a handle on my time."
  • "I have trouble setting limits on clients and partners."
  • "I always feel guilty, because I’m never ‘doing enough’."
  • "I live in terror of making a mistake or being criticized."
  • "I have difficulty setting priorities and maintaining my concentration."
  • "I get overwhelmed with anxiety before appearing in court, or speaking publicly."
  • "I love the salary and the benefits, but I can never make plans to go out."
  • "My personal life is non-existent. All I do is practice law."
  • "I haven’t taken a vacation in 5 years."

If you suffer from "burn-out":

  • You may be over-extended from long hours and stress, without sufficient breaks.
  • Though overburdened, you may not be fundamentally disenchanted with practicing law.
  • You can make changes in your personal and professional behavior that preserve your career, as well as your personal health.

To mitigate burn-out and to enhance your productivity, mood, and resilience at work, Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you to:

  • manage time and stress;
  • set "boundaries" more aggressively around your work;
  • defend your personal life; and
  • improve your state of mind and personal health.

Lawyer Career Consulting DC can help you improve your performance, manage stress, maintain your professional boundaries, and achieve your professional objectives within the field of law.

“To stay in practice, you must set limits and take better care of yourself.”